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Secret Harbor St. Thomas Real Estate Guide

If you want a beautiful, quiet stretch of beach with stunning waterfront views and a small-town atmosphere, Secret Harbour Resort St. Thomas is your sweet spot. Nestled in a picturesque curve of Nazareth Bay, Secret Harbour’s beaches are a favorite among locals. Secret Harbour St. Thomas homes for sale offer easy access to the shopping at Red Hook (about a mile away). An on-site restaurant offers a great place to relax and enjoy a low-key dinner. Nazareth Bay is one of the few spots on the islan

Lifestyles Article for Ashby & Graff Real Estate: SoCal Surf & Ski Spots You Can Hit Up in The Same Day •

They call it the California Double: going surfing in the morning and hitting the ski slopes in the afternoon. It’s one of the reasons Californians are so passionate about their state, and SoCal is one of the few places in the world pulling a surf-to-ski double is even an option (although if you happen to be vacationing in New Zealand, Chile, or Japan, you could give it a try there too). In and around LA, you’ll find beginner to pro-level surf opportunities at multiple locations along the coast.

What to Know About the Academy Museum • A&G Lifestyles

What to Know About the Academy Museum There’s something big happening in Mid-Wilshire. As construction workers swarm the 1930’s era Old May Company Building (soon to be the Saban Building) and the adjoining lot on the corner of Wilshire and Fairfax next to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, a lot of people are taking notice. Because it’s happening, and soon. The Academy Museum of Motion Pictures Museum is becoming a reality.

Landing Page Content for Independent School

Marymount of Santa Barbara is an independent school for children from age 4 through grade 8 that places equal value on the intellectual, social-emotional, and ethical dimensions of learning to prepare bright, confident, and caring young people for the next adventures of their lives. At Marymount, creative, enthusiastic, and inspiring teachers engage students in their learning, challenge them to do their best, and provide the nurturing and support they need to succeed. We teach kids how to think

Blog Post for WriterAccess: 4 Simple Organizational Tips for the Ultimate Writing Procrastinator

If nothing else, formal education trained me to procrastinate. I systematically operated under my own half-crazed, caffeine-powered writing sprints, both in timed journalism labs and when working on any other homework project. I generally wrote everything I turned in either the night (or, to be quite honest, the hour) before papers were due. That doesn’t work quite as well when you’re offering freelance writing services to others.

Article Published on Listverse: 10 Famous Geniuses With Truly Weird Secret Habits

Jack Kerouac saw alcoholism as a means of spiritual exploration. Ben Franklin started his days with an air bath—half an hour each day in his birthday suit in front of an open window—to read, write, and get his mental juices flowing. T.S. Eliot wore green-tinted face powder and lipstick, while fellow poet Friedrich von Schiller sought inspiration from the scent of rotting apples. Was their genius a result of their odd personality quirks, or did these strange behaviors stem from their previously eccentric minds? If you feel like your creativity could use a boost, try these tips—at your own risk.

We have worked with Steffani on dozens of product descriptions so far, and each one has hit the nail on the head when it comes to tone of voice and content. She submits projects well in advance of the deadline with hardly any edits required. She adapts easily to changing project requirements and is professional in all correspondence. We highly recommend working with Steffani as she is smart, creative and most of all, reliable.

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